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    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Paradigm shifting

    Sometimes even the most empathetic person (and I am not that, tho I do try) can be surprised when other people make comments, especially ones that you find intelligent and well-spoken and informed, indicating they are only now coming around to a view one has accepted as obvious and true on the face of it without even having to think deeeply and formally about it:

    Not only does denouncing Islam as evil nonsense establish the mere right, of us civilisationers, to denounce Islam - along with our right to say anything else we might want to say - true or false, nice or nasty, sensible or daft. Such talk also, I am starting to believe, strikes a dagger into the heart of the enemy camp, by spreading doubt in it about basic beliefs

    Less immediately but just as emphatically, I reject Christianity as nonsense. I'm just not as worried about fanatical Christians attempting to convert me at the point of a sword at this point in history.


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