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    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Well, you asked...

    I use a professional networking site called Today while checking in, I see that Senator McCain is using the feedback function on the site to ask a question:

    Our country is faced with challenges as we enter into the 21st century. I am prepared to effectively deal with these challenges and lead our country as President on Day 1. Please let me know what you view as the biggest challenge America faces and how you would like your President to address this challenge.

    Of course, I can't let that go by, so I answer:

    Avoiding socialist authoritarianism. Maintaining a limited government and shrinking the excesses you and your colleagues in Congress have foisted upon us. I have serious reservations about your ability to govern based upon solid principle rather than personal whim and ego, but I'll vote for you if you can put Constitutionalist judges on the Supreme Court. Only because the alternatives are worse.


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