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    Thursday, July 09, 2009

    New website for listing "For Sale" and "For Rent" properties

    A close friend is launching a new side business. Please take a look:

    Hello to everyone. I am launching a new website that I hope is an easy and inexpensive way for people to advertise their homes online.I need help in getting an initial database of homes. In my effort to attract people to list on my website, I am giving ALL new listings a free 1 year subscription. If you have a rental property or you are selling a home, PLEASE go post your home on my website, WWW.MYEASYLISTINGS.COM. If you have friends that have a house; please, forward to them and anyone else you know. Sorry for the spam. It would be greatly appreciated if you forward to as many people as you can.

    Please visit, check it out and tell everyone you know about it.

     Some of the features that set our site apart from the rest are:

    If you are posting listings:

    1.       You are able to edit your listing at anytime.

    2.        You can add and remove Open Houses at anytime.

    3.       You can manage all your listings from one central Dashboard.

    4.       You are able to remove your listing from the public eye without deleting it and then republish it at a later time.

    5.       You can create, view, and save as many listings as you would like without paying a thing.

    6.       You pay for listings (or use the FREE TRIAL) when you are ready to publish.


    If you are searching listings:

    1.       Searching is easy and intuitive.

    2.       You can easily save a listing to your favorites, viewable in your Dashboard.

    3.       You can be notified when listings get posted based on search criteria that you define in "I'm Looking for".

    4.       All Favorites and Matches get saved to your Dashboard for easy reference.


    It's very easy to get started, just go to and create an account, from there you can list as many homes as you like.  As a "Grand Opening" special, we are offering a 1 year free trial on all listings for a limited time. There is no risk to give it a try.  There is no credit card required for the free trial. There is nothing installed on your computer and the only information we get from you, is what you put in your profile and listings.

    We are always looking for feedback so we would appreciate your communication. If there is something you would like to see or find helpful about this listing site please let us know.


    Thank you,



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