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    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    I guess I'm an RC

    Drumwaster had some good thoughts:
    RC's are concerned with conservatism....or, in this day and age, the limitation of the size and scope of the central government. They favor free trade, low taxes, and checks on legislating from the bench. They have varied opinions on many subjects, but believe that the economic and religious freedoms that are promised us in the COTUS must be maintained, and the best way to do this is via enforcement and literal judicial interpretation of that same COTUS.

    On abortion, RC's may have a strong opinion (pro-life, pro-choice), but they don't want the government regulating it, or paying for it. They are also wildly opinionated on gay marriage (from Instapundit's indifferent support to my strong opposition), but share a distaste for the federal government mandating marriage morality.

    Sums things up pretty well, he does. This is why I generally describe myself as Libertarian, even though that doesn't fit much better than other labels.

    Basically, I find a lot of things that people do, either stupid or repugnant. That doesn't mean I wish to forcefully curtail their activities (and passing a law is just that, forceful coercion), I just wish they would do so themselves. In order to get them to do that, I may attempt to presuade them. In some cases, I may feel that it is hubris to attempt suasion, as I'm not sure that I have all the answers either (i.e. religion- an agnostic leaning towards pagan myself, I feel it is offensive to proselytize, just as I am offended when people preach at me, especially when they come to MY house, knock on MY door, and presume to tell ME what to do.) In other cases, I may see a clear benefit to changing habits, attitudes, etc. In other words, I may value one cultural aspect over another, or one culture may be "better" than another. Though I prefer the term "more effective". In a case like that, I may attempt to change you, and in fact, if you're using force against me, bet your ass I will double it back on you, and you will change (for example, stop burglarizing my house) or get shot. The smaller principle scales into the larger, or, as Musashi said, "From one thing, know ten thousand."

    This is how I feel in larger, more global issues as well. Such as the war in Iraq, an aspect of the Global War on Terrorism.


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