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    Friday, March 04, 2005

    Protesting for 1st Amendment Rights

    I was reading the Captain's Quarters today, and Captain Ed's eloquent letter on McCain-Feingold's attempt to muzzle Costitutionally-protected political free speech struck a nerve. Thus I've added links to the two Washington state Senators, both unfortunately "Democrats".

    I sent my own comments with the Captain's letter. Notably, when I went to email Patty Murray, some welfare-state bullshit was the first thing I saw:
    If you need help with an immigration issue, veteran benefits, social security benefits, etc. or a government agency (INS, VA, SSA), please select 'Need Help with a Federal Agency' as your topic from the drop-down list below.

    There IS a category further down for 'cvil rights' but it does not appear to be any major concern, judging purely from placement.


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