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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Cold pizza


    The 'dumb cop' had some cold pizza in the fridge, and told me I could have it,but when I finally got lit up and needed that cold pizza, it was nowwhere to be found.

    Never trust a cop.

    I'm choking down a 'power bar' at 2 am with some bottled water, just to feel better in the morning. That cold pizza would be brilliant right now. And not so fuckin' crumbly.

    Guiness warm-ups and JD power laps will get you where you're trying to go. Espcially if you'e watching "robots" the animated movie and then Will Smith in "I Robot" and then some other robot movie on Arabic television (which has absolutely no volume control) while comparing geo-politico-economic views in your trailer.

    (Imagine I said that last paragraph or two in a Scots accent- it's much sexier.)

    (Ignore the fact that I had to type it 6 or so times because I been drinking "fortified vegetable juice".)


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