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    Saturday, December 16, 2006

    Rainy days

    It's been raining off and on all day.

    I've essentially finished all the work here. There's a couple minor tasks to complete, but the main work is complete. The last of the equiment just showed up, so I'll be off to to do that in a few minutes.

    It's been a lazy day- After another MRE feast last night, I went back in and worked until almost 1 am. I had a headache most of yesterday afternoon (recurring today) and I just wanted to finish this site.

    Slept in a bit this morning (nothing much to do until the stuff got here anyway) and I've been listening to the rain and Jack Johnson on my laptop.

    Thinking about going home, mostly. It's got me a little bit homesick.

    It's pretty snug here in the pre-fab shack we've been staying in. No noticeable leaks at least. We keep the door closed on the room where all five of us are staying and the heater keeps it warm enough.

    At least this facility has concrete walks around it, broken up though they may be, it keeps the mud down a bit.


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