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    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    The email

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to propose to you a change in the Revised Code of Washington concerning the Concealed Pistol License. Specifically RCW 9.41.070.

    I and many others believe that law abiding and vigilant citizens are the first line of defense against crime and even terrorism. In recent years, the incidence of crime in every jurisdiction which has implemented 'concealed carry' laws in line with our constitutional right (both at the federal and state level) to bear arms have experienced a decrease in violent crime.

    I, and many others, believe that encouraging responsible, law-abiding citizens to take up their duty to themselves and their society by carrying and training with firearms is a worthy goal. As you may know, a vanishingly small percentage of concealed weapons licenses nation-wide have ever been revoked for cause, and CPL holders are overwhelmingly a very law-abiding demographic.

    As the recent court decision in Washington D.C. demonstrates, this common sense measure is increasingly gaining the widespread legal recognition it deserves.

    As a matter of policy, I want Washington State to encourage this trend. To that end, I propose the following changes:

    [Insert proposed changes from previous post here]

    Given the mandated distribution of the fees collected in conjunction with the CPL program, I believe that the State of Washington can easily absorb the cost (I'm estimating approximately $50,000 per year maximum, given the numbers of CPL holders, the percentage of military to general population, and frequency of renewal) in exchange for the increased security of our society.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter,

    Respectfully Submitted,


    Tag: Patriot's Journey (with JimK, Scott, Lil, Doug, Moorewatch and our fearless leader Drumwaster)


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