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    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Office topic

    Today's topic of discussion around the office.

    Thankfully, I'll be home for vacation in a couple weeks.


    Blogger Spungen said...

    No opinion or commentary? Cop-out!

    1:27 PM  
    Blogger Larry said...


    More power to her, actually.

    Obviously, this girl is one of those data points in favour of legalized prostitution, as the ultimate empowerment of a woman's right to her own body- this is not a person who is under the thumb of a pimp.

    Some of my co-workers are a bit resentful of the PMC community, actually, though I get along with most of them just fine. There are some real assholes in that crowd, of course, but you find that anywhere. Some people resent them because the perception is that roided-out muscle-head PSDs get all the play from females, tho I find that some women talk to me more easily and with more warmth once they find out I don't work for Blackwater. (People assume I am a 'mercenary' all the time.)

    Anyway, one of my guys here was talking about how the Blackwater guys have everything going for them and this was just another example. Especially where she says she won't service the military guys. (Not that my co-worker is military any more, but he seems to have a lot of resentment in general.)

    We also talked about a couple young female military officers (apparently a Lieutenant and a Captain) supopsedly at Camp Victory (BIAP) who got busted for prostitution (UCMJ violation) because they were depositing such large amounts of cash that they got investigated for possibly selling secrets, and it turned up their side job instead. An attractive female (or even not-so-attractive) could make a LOT of money here.

    Some of the commenters on that article were fairly far off base tho, with their comments about the US Gov sponsoring prostitution by bringing in TCNs under cover of service contractor jobs. I guarantee that most of the TCNs brought here are not prosties. For one, the vast majority are male. For another point, if they get caught hooking, they get sent home. Three, there are hundreds if not thousands of guys here who would jump at the chance to pay for sex, because they are lonely and horny, and have no other options, and it would be hard to keep that secret if it were happening- and I just don't see it on any large scale.

    Now, not to say that none of it happens, but it not in any way what I would call wide spread- it's not like walking the ville of any Phillipino or Thai party town, or even a red light district in the States.

    I do see some TCN chicks and a few Iraqi translator girls (somehow, the majority of translators I see are female) who have boyfriends, and cynically, I see that relationship as being motivated more than a little by self-interest rather than pure love and attraction. But I can't really blame either party in that transaction, I don't think it's uncommon even back home.

    I also see some American girls, both military and civilian, who either have boyfriends or who get around quite a bit without the encumberment of an actual relationship, still not prostitution, even the ones who see some advantage in it. You're going to see people getting it on any place where humans gather- it's inevtiable. The more strained the circumstances, the more those arrangments will differ from what we see in sexually balanced situations. As long as it is consensual, I see it as the natural and ethical result of people coping best they can.

    10:42 PM  
    Blogger DirtCrashr said...

    I thought the UN had a lock on this already? :-)

    9:42 AM  

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