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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007


    Okay, I'm officially sick of the Internet.

    Is it too late to drop out of society and go play music?

    I've been listening to a bunch of music I haven't listened to in a long while. Nothing particularly exceptional, just 80s/90s rock, and find myself listening really closely for bass lines I want to learn.

    I need to find a couple peeps with compatible schedules and guitars, who don't mind wasting some time with a bassist who will never be a "rock star".

    I think I'm still experiencing some ennui over my canceled vacation. I've suppressed it pretty well for the last 3 weeks, but an ugly something is rising. Like a zit you feel forming, a nagging and annoying feeling without real visible results yet.

    Part of today's shitty mood comes {GEEK ALERT} from tedious, time-wasting, uber-annoying attempts for the past two days, to restore a domain controller via IP-KVM over a flaky sattellite WAN link to a remote site where power problems (that caused the damn machine to lose its config in the first place!) continued unabated every few hours, dropping me back to square one each time with no warning. {/GEEKERY}

    Sometimes I really would rather do manual labour for a living.

    Perserverance succeeded in the end, but I was hardly my unflappable happy-go-lucky self after about the first 6 hours. Sometimes it really is a blessing to be able to swear in more than one language.


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