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    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    From the Office of The Bastidge of the United States

    Has anybody else noticed Barack Obama's podium lately? I mean plenty noticed his faux-presidential seal, but now he has this sign across the front of it, announcing:
    The Office of The President Elect

    Seriously, where's the flourish of trumpets, dude?

    Pardon my ignorance, but I didn't realize there was an
    Office of the President Elect. (Ta Daaa!)

    I thought he took office in January.

    Seems a bit {ahem} premature.


    Blogger trumwill said...

    He's technically not even the President-Elect since the Electoral College hasn't met yet. That is, of course, a formality.

    I wonder if there's an argument to be made that the position of President-Elect ought to become a little more formal. Something so that should the president become incapacitated or resign, he can take over early rather than temporarily passing the office over to the VP and to formalize the passing of high-security intelligence.

    1:22 PM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    That would require a Constitutional Amendment, and there doesn't seem to be much advantage in going through that process for so little advantage.

    Somteimes there is advanatage in formality and sometimes there isn't. Sometimes tradition works as well- in fact that is the British system, and though they have crept toward erosions of liberty in practice, it worked quite well for a long time.

    Arguably, the traditions are more important than the forms, because the tradition implies a continuity of understanding that, once lacking, no formal codification can replace.

    Our Amendment process was made to be a deliberately high barrier. However, once enough people lose sight of the reasons for the forms of our system, there is absolutely no other barrier to changing it beyond recognition.

    6:08 AM  
    Blogger trumwill said...

    I was thinking of a Constitutional Amendment. You're right that there's no other way. Such an amendment is unlikely unless it also addresses other issues. Even so, I don't see much of a downside except that some people might try to pressure a president to step down a bit early to move power over (as some are suggesting Bush do now, astonishingly enough).

    I don't really mind Obama prancing around with his Office of the President Elect badge. Preparing to be president is something of a full-time job in the weeks running up to it. He's probably working harder than I am these days :).

    9:30 AM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    I'm not in favour of muddled issues in Constitutional Amendments. One item at a time, so that one thing doesn't get passed or rejected based upon the worthiness of something unrelated. No pork in the Constitution, please. :)

    The disadvantage I see is how much effort would have to be expended to get an Amendment passed, and trivializing the procedure. The process is meant to be very conservative, and should only be undertaken when there is a pressing and serious need for change that cannot be achieved any other way.

    I agree: Obama is probably working harder than he ever has before. As numerous people in the blogosphere have pinted out- he doesn't get to merely vote 'present' any more.

    12:54 PM  

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