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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Got a god..

    Maybe I'm dyslexic. James and I picked up a bitch tonight. Together. She's a lovely blonde, shy, submissive, skinny and just wants to be loved.

    Her mother seems to have approved since they both came over to us and rolled over and spread their legs.

    Once mama decideded we were being nice to her baby, she left to bark at cars. A bit callous, some might say, but who are we to judge? Her ma probly needs the room for a new litter soon enough.

    Ourn new blonde babe is hereby christened "Checkpoint" and is being spoiled out of her mind. Have to get a vet to check out her limp if her right forepaw doesn't stop giving her trouble in the next week or so. And since she's probly about 6 months old, it'll be time to get her spayed soon.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You scared me there for a second, it didn't click in my head and I was thinking "what the hell is he posting this for?" Mind in gutter my bad!!!

    3:55 PM  

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