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    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    More on national health care- Feres doctrine

    Picked up on a line of inquiry from the Smallest Minority this morning:
    Feres Doctrine:
    How long do you think it will take before a similar limit is put on government-run healthcare?
    Anybody really happy with the Veterean's Administration provision of healthcare services?
    Cost containment is one of the main aims of Dutch health care policy (which is often held up to us as an example to us):
    I have made abundently clear to my relatives that I don't wish to be maintained on machinery in a vegetative state. I don't wish to live confined to a bed as a quadriplegic. But I want to have the best possible (not the cheapest, below-average) care until the last minute when hope is completely gone. And in the case of being in a vegetative state, simply take me off the machines: if the will to live wakes me up, even better, if not then I'll die. If I'm conscious, I'll make the decision and find some way to communicate it. If a monkey can control a joystick with his mind, you can find a way to communicate a yes/no question and answer with me.


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