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    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    home sweet trailer park

    Safe and sound back in Baghdad after 10 days out and about. It feels good. You can adapt to almost anything, given enough time, and my trailer back here in the IZ at least has its own bathroom.

    Talil was a mess, soupy mud everywhere. The Aussies were great hosts though. Those guys crack me up- would be nice to share some beers with'em.

    It took far too long to get bck here. Spent last night in Balad, in the pax terminal. Managed to crash out for a couple hours on my body armor on the floor. The concrete was just too cold to sleep on directy. I felt about 90 ears old this morning though. After all night there, getting in and taing a shower was heaven, athough I barely managed before crashing out again, this time on the softest, loveliest single bed with springs exposed I've ever had the priviledge to sleep on (back in my trailer).

    Well, to be fair, you can't actually see the springs on my bed here, just the outlined imprint of them. It's like sleeping on a pallet of cans, with a sheet over the top of them. But it felt great this morning, and I slept until 16:30 or so.


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