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    Saturday, December 23, 2006

    Last minute planning

    I hate being left hanging, but unfortunately, it's happening.

    Right now I am acting 99% as if I'll be leaving after the New Year to go home (well, a few days in Scotland first and then home) but there's a slight chance of staying.

    Which means that I can't mail my stuff out until just before I leave. I'm only planning on carrying a change or two of clothing with me at most, and everything else will be posted home.

    I haven't sealed a deal with anyone back home on a job yet, so I at least have the freedom to accept an extension here.

    On anther note, my travel arrangments are not going smoothly either. I have a reservation to Kuwait, but nothing from there on, even though I requested it nearly two weeks ago. In Kuwait, the only place to stay will be a tent, so I may end up pushing back my travel from here to there to match a later date for the flight out to the UK. Only, those flights are all booked up on the coalition website for several days past when I need to leave. Travel in this place is FUBAR'd.


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