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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    In the "Funny-cuz-it's-true" category

    Noted today in the line of Iraqi day-labourer coming into the Embssy: a T-shirt rthat says "Same Shirt, Different Day."

    I've made the point in conversation many times; the TCN guys that work security here are generally pretty professional, easy going, etc. We have Peruvians, mostly, guarding the actual Embassy compound. We've had Fijians guarding other military FOBs, and now Ugandans.

    But come right down to it, they make about $12k/year. Some less. This second point is significant. How much would it take to bribe somebody to be let in? Not everyone is bribe-able, no matter how much or how little they're paid. But in a large group of people who aren't paid very much, there WILL be some people who can be bribed.

    And apparently among the Peruvians, all it takes is showing a pair of tits, not even cash money. Not even particularly large tits. Now unfortunately, I didn't witness this event myself (draw your own conclusions why I consider that unfortunate- hey, maybe I woud have put a stop to it!), but the young lady in question was unabashed about telling us how she had gained access to the embassy without a badge. At least she was obviously an American, and she actually does (or did, she's apparently leaving in the next day or so) belong in the IZ.

    It has gotten to be actually cold now. At least to those of us who have spent all year here. People were shivering at their guard shacks and bus stops this morning on my way to work. I am actually at the point where failing to wear gloves on my morning bike ride is uncomfortable. It's still quite warm during the day, of course, but now it's in a pretty comfortable range of warm. Apart from those first couple days where it became obvious the weather was changing, it hasn't rained at all.

    I've been getting together with a bud and playing some bass to his acoustic guitar, putting together some acoustic sets so he and I can play some gigs after we're both back from leave. Mostly just to play at private get-togethers, and to kill some time in a semi-productive, enjoyable way.

    Mainly I'm just looking forward to vacation in December. Watch out, downtown P-town!


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