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    Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    At home

    Ah, it's been great being home, and thanks to those who noticed. :)

    I made it home in time for Christmas, no problems, but I was dreadfully sick for the first few days. Spent New Year's Eve at Kell's, had a great time, very laid back, no drama, lots of good-looking women. Everything one could ask for, really.

    I'll be heading back to Iraq on the 20th. I haven't been online much here at home- too busy enjoying life and friends at home.

    The family's doing well, and I've gotten to spend a good amount of time with them. Not looking forward to going back, even though in an odd way I almost miss it. It's like a sore tooth that you can't help prodding with your tongue. You get strangely used to it, can't really say you like it, but it's more or less normal and then when it's gone it feels strange.


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