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    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    Happy Thsnksgiving

    It was nice to be able to call home and talk to family last night. The modern communcications age is a truly amazing thing when you think about it. Even more excellent is that it was a purely commercial call. People in Iraq have the ability to talk to anyone in the world who has a telephone. That's pretty cool.

    Things that made me thankful on my second Thanksgiving in Iraq:

    Even though they aren't that good at carving, ranking officers here followed through on the tradition of serving the troops personally on this Thanksgiving Holiday. Good on you, guys.

    Soldiers sitting in the chilly night air, on the ramps of their Strykers across from the CSH, eating DFAC take-out. Even though their Thanksgiving turkey was undoubtedly not as hot as one might like, they were still cheerful enough to shout out bright "Happy Thanksgiving" to random passers-by. Our young soldiers are still quality.

    Ladies in AF PT gear, leaving the gym- again with the cheery hellos and "Happy Thanksgiving". Nobody really wants to be here, away from their families and homes, but morale is pretty good, even though we had our first major set of incoming mortars today in quite some time. (Ironically, right after I sent some emails home praising how quiet it had been lately, lol).

    The mortar which landed in our compound yesterday, hit a T-wall at an angle and broke off its firing pin instead of detonating.

    Power was out at my trailer when I got home, but I hadn't even finished my phone calls home before KBR was out there and had it fixed. Thanks, guys.

    My uncle who is dying of cancer; is still hanging on, in good spirits, and feeling well enough to help me with a personal project while I'm home on leave next month. More than anything else, that will give us some time to spend together.

    My sister's family, her two boys and husband are all doing well, happy and healthy. The little one is talking now and might even warm up to me again while I'm home on leave, but tho he doesn't remember me, will be loads of fun getting close to again.

    I'll be home for Christmas and New Year.


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