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    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    And today it rained...

    ... with pea-sized hail, no less.

    It poured down for several hours. Of course, the soil here can't really handle rain, so everything floods, backed-up shitwater everywhere. The road to our support facility where we use the military DFAC was 8 inches deep in said shitwater, so the boss sprang for mediocre pizza from the AAFES concessionaires.

    When it really rains, you get a whole new sense of how things have progressed over the summer. All the new bullet holes are discovered, as water leaks down through the holes in the ceilings. And any new construction gets it first serious vetting. A couple trailers had to go dark this afternoon after sparking and arcing switch and fuse boxes caused minor fires. We'll see how classroom trailer number 1 fares: it has been slowly sinking on one side even without heavy rain, and the artillery cover over the top (sand sandwiched between some kind of fiber-cement board) has obviously gotten wet enough to stream dirty water in spots. With thin fiber-cement board spaced on 1 meter centered metal supports, I'm not entirely sure the whole damn thing won't collapse with the sand absorbing all that extra weight.

    I'll be here through the worst of the winter weather, and since I'm leaving toward the end of January, before the weather gets better again, I guess it's time to start sending my hot-weather gear home. That at least, is a cheerful thought.


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