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    Sunday, December 07, 2008

    From low to zero

    I have been following a bit of a flap over an endorsement given by Lon Horiuchi onm behalf of H-S Precision.

    Various people around the Interwebs have been making their opinions known about this. Some other companies have responded.

    Well, I didn't do much about it because I am out of country for one thing, which does make interacting back home slightly more problematic (not impossible by any means) and because I wasn't a likely customer in the first place. But now I can say pretty definitively that a low probability is rapidly approaching zero, even if a last minute (real) apology ever appears.

    The Weavers don't appear to have been people I would have cared much to hang out with, but I have read pretty thoroughly about the incident and nothing has come to light to convince me that any of the government's actions were justified, much less shooting an unarmed woman to death while she was holding her baby.

    Sidenote: The government is us, people. Our agent did this in our name, and has never been repudiated or punished. Until his actions are disavowed, we are all culpable.


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