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    Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    Job hunting

    So I've started the process of looking for a job back home. I'm still a bit far out for it, but it's good to throw your hat in the ring and let them know you're looking.

    There's a few options out there, and I could stay here with another company easily enough, but honestly, I'm sort of homesick and ready to be done with this place. We've accomplished a lot, tried and missed the mark on some things, but I will never look back and think I haven't done my part. In 13 years of being in uniform I was never called on to go to war. Then I came here as a civilian. It's not been frontline combat by any means, a realtively safe position, if you can say that about a place that took fairly regular mortar and rocket attacks for a long time. But I'm definitely not left with a feeling that I owe more. To my country, yes, I will forever work to do what I can to make my country stronger and safer, and do my little bit in the vast sea of civic responsibility, be a voice for what I think are the wiser courses for our nation to take, be involved in my community.

    But I don't feel like I have anything more to prove to myself about my willingness to take risks for my country. I've also made some strides toward my financial security- this job did pay pretty well. It has been a worthwhile personal experience, but sometimes you just get enough hardship and don't need it anymore- the lesson is learned.

    Looking forward to the end of January, end of tour.


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