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    Saturday, November 07, 2009

    About the shit head in TX

    The shit head who murdered his fellow soldiers, that is:

    Hasan is just another failed Muslim. Another precious boy-child who never grew to be a man because his culture didn't require him or equip him to do so.

    His frustration with his own failing has now been externalized. Islam isn't the cause of his actions, it's merely the deciding factor. It gave him a framework which justifies violence when he feels put upon and under-appreciated and unloved.

    Well, fuck you, Nidal Malik Hasan. You don't get 72 virgins, asshole. You didn't die in battle against the infidel. You attempted to murder some unarmed people, and you were shot and stopped. To the extent it may have been a battle, you still failed to die there. So when we stick a needle in your fucking arm and execute you, you won't be shaheed, just another criminal. It'll be execution for murder, and that's not the deal from the Quran.

    This is an unrelated but interesting link.


    Blogger Lil said...

    I have got to get a copy of that book!

    6:28 PM  

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